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Email Marketing Demystified

Welcome to EmailMarketings.net where we have answers to just about every question you may ever have about email marketing, online direct marketing or permission-based marketing on the web. As every Internet savvy e-commerce professional will tell you, email marketing works and works like a charm. If this was not the case, you would never receive hundreds of email messages each day touting from everything from magic potions to quick-get-rich gimmicks.


Free Email Marketing Softwares and Solutions

eMail Marketing Software for Free from the Major Search Engines

“Since when have the major search engines like Google and Yahoo been active in the email marketing software business?” you ask. Actually, both Google and Yahoo have been active in the email marketing realm in not one but two ways since the day they emerged as small and insignificant West Coast start-ups. Now you too can benefit from the power and potential of email marketing by leveraging the services provided by both giants. Here is how.


Bulk eMail Marketing 101

As the world turns, so does the nature and potential of digital marketing communication. Fortunately, the graph points upward because much of what digital marketing has to offer continues to undergo intense refinement thus enhancing its effectiveness significantly. Bulk email marketing, or mass email marketing as it is sometimes called, is no exception.



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