Bulk eMail Marketing 101

As the world turns, so does the nature and potential of digital marketing communication. Fortunately, the graph points upward because much of what digital marketing has to offer continues to undergo intense refinement thus enhancing its effectiveness significantly. Bulk email marketing, or mass email marketing as it is sometimes called, is no exception.

As the email marketing industry matures based on a level playing field, even small and medium-size businesses stand an excellent chance of leveraging the multiple benefits of bulk email marketing. If you are an Internet start-up entrepreneur with a million-dollar idea or even someone who operates a small Internet business from your basement home office, there is good news for you all the way. Bulk email marketing is here to stay.

What is Bulk eMail Marketing after all?

Surprising as it may sound, bulk email marketing means different things to different people. For marketers like yourself, it has come to signify a potent online marketing vehicle in which thousands of email messages containing varying shades of marketing collateral are sent out periodically to drive traffic to websites, to achieve high levels of branding and visibility, and eventually to promote the bottom line. To those who receive these email messages you send on a regular basis, bulk email marketing has come to signify spam. Fortunately, there is now a robust middle ground with a much reduced margin of error thus keeping all parties happy and contented as we shall see in a moment.

Permission-based Bulk eMail Marketing

Although statutes have been enacted around the world pertaining to the use of bulk email marketing, no country has banned its use outright. This is because such statutes and regulations have made a provision for what is referred to as the “opt in” in which your website visitors, online customers and prospects can clearly grant you permission to send them bulk email in the form of newsletters, product announcements, notices about upcoming promotions and incentives, etc. Sending such messages through a well-articulated bulk email marketing campaign is perfectly legal and legitimate. There are many ways in which this form of permission marketing on the Internet is granted:



  • Through a sign-up page on your website called a squeeze page
  • Through an email message sent by your customers to a special sign-up email address
  • By responding to an unsolicited email message allowed in some countries

Bulk Email Marketing Today

Although the term “bulk” in bulk email marketing has acquired a marginally negative connotation over the years, it continues to remain the single most affordable, customizable and effective way today to promote your business regardless of whether your company is an online enterprise or a brick-and-mortar establishment.  As you troll through this channel and our website, you will learn many new things about email marketing that you may not have discovered yet. We also recommend that you sign up for our newsletter to streamline your learning experience and to participate in our ongoing discussions. So why not spend a minute to “opt in” for our newsletter and help us follow the law like noble netizens?


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