Email Marketing Demystified

Welcome to where we have answers to just about every question you may ever have about email marketing, online direct marketing or permission-based marketing on the web. As every Internet savvy e-commerce professional will tell you, email marketing works and works like a charm. If this was not the case, you would never receive hundreds of email messages each day touting from everything from magic potions to quick-get-rich gimmicks. However, thrown in between the two are scores of highly relevant and meaningful email messages designed to inform you about a product or service that is likely to interest you. When was the last time you deleted your entire spam folder without quickly glancing through its contents? Bottom line—email-marketing works as it work for you and millions of others.

All about email Marketing and much more!This website is all about email marketing—what it is, who are the players, the movers and the shakers in the email marketing world, what they bring to the table, or rather, what they do not bring to the table and should. We also take you behind the scenes and introduce you to a host of strategies, tips and tricks you can use to boost your email marketing outcomes. We will even tell you about legal compliance—the laws and the statutes that govern the crazy world of email marketing. Learn about opt-ins, double opt-ins and no opt-ins. Get a sneak peak into the dizzying array of email software packages, some free and some not so free—some good and some not so good. In essence, what we have attempted to achieve through our website is to present an objective and unbiased perspective on email marketing and its nuances much like what you would find in an email marketing 101 class for business majors at a leading ivy league university.

Truth and Accuracy in email Marketing

We have taken every measure and made every effort to insure that the information we present to you on this website is timely, accurate and reliable. Whether it is a product review of email marketing software, an insightful article on bulk email marketing campaigns or a quick analysis of an email direct marketing tool,  we are truly committed to bring to you quality information, facts and figures to help you make the right decision when planning an email marketing campaign.

What is email Marketing After All?

email marketing or online direct marketing as it is often called, refers to a systematic transmission of a large number of email messages that all promote a single product or service with a view to generating a regular income with an underlying business revenue model that works and is robust. The number of email messages you send depends on the target audience, the size of the email address mailing list and, of course, your budget. The entire process is automated. In other words, these email messages are not sent one by one manually, Rather, a software program is deployed to send the messages through servers specially designed for this purpose. As you troll this website, you will learn how to write these email messages correctly, how to make sure that your messages do not end up entirely in spam folders, and how to conduct immediate follow-up in order to achieve meaningful conversions.

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