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eMail Marketing Software for Free from the Major Search Engines

“Since when have the major search engines like Google and Yahoo been active in the email marketing software business?” you ask. Actually, both Google and Yahoo have been active in the email marketing realm in not one but two ways since the day they emerged as small and insignificant West Coast start-ups. Now you too can benefit from the power and potential of email marketing by leveraging the services provided by both giants. Here is how.

eMail Marketing Services from Google and Yahoo

There are two ways in which both Google and Yahoo participate actively in the email arena and they have been doing so for many years—web mail and Groups. Through Gmail and Yahoo Mail, both search engines operate highly successful email marketing campaigns that are not simply ongoing but drive results to serve their respective bottom lines. This objective is achieved with you as the target when you set up your inbox at Gmail, Yahoo Mail or both.

Bulk Email Marketing from the Groups

The other platform in which email plays a mission-critical role and the one you can leverage for free without investing in high-priced email marketing software, is Google Groups and Yahoo Groups. Group-based email marketing is a great way to launch your email marketing campaign if budgetary constraints happen to be a part of your overall marketing equation.

Configuring the Groups for Email Marketing

Think of Google Groups and Yahoo Groups as hosted email marketing software without the advanced features many of the paid services provide. Both services can be set to “announce only” modes in which only you get to send out email messages to a list of potential or existing customers. Once you have captured their email addresses on your website and obtained their written consent to send them email, you can manually sign them up as members of the group you set up either at Yahoo or at Google. Conversely, like any other email marketing software application, your customers can send a blank email message to your Group’s “subscribe” address. Both procedures are acceptable and conform to currently prevailing statutes. Google Groups, although more time-consuming to set up, operate and maintain, presents a cleaner interface.

eMail Marketing Software that Really Works without Generating a Bill

You will never receive a monthly bill or be deactivated by Google or Yahoo as long as you abide by the Group Mail Terms and Conditions clearly posted on both websites. Your email marketing content should be informative, accurate and not border spam in any way, shape or form. As long as you deliver a professional service professionally with a little marketing hype thrown in, Google and Yahoo will let you host your mailing list on their servers without interruption. Simply browse through the list of groups on both the group email home pages to locate other businesses that operate ongoing emailing programs and explore them further if they are worthy of emulation.  Your group will have its own home page complete with archives, video library and a place to upload resource information.

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